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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz-tv, wjz-hd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> planes down. >> i ran on the back porch and i seen the plane. >> a navy flight plummeted and burst into plane on virginia beach. >> the chaos on the ground and the people still missing tonight. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. two jet planes crash into homes. three people in the homes are still unaccounted for. tara mergener has the latest from virginia beach. >> reporter: this was the scene just moments after a navy fa-18 fighter jet crashed into a two-
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story complex in virginia beach. the thick, black smoke filled the air while the tail smoldered in the rubble. witnesses could tell the aircraft was in trouble. >> it was like a skittering where it was popping and then stop. and then we just saw the plane go down. >> reporter: another eyewitness said this photo of the jet was dumping fuel. its nose was angled upward, apparently to slow its speed and then just fell from the sky. >> the front end of the plane just went down and then, boom. >> shortly after takeoff, the aircraft suffered a catastrophic mechanical malfunction. >> reporter: both pilots ejected moments before the crash and parachuted down near the ground landing by the wreckage and the apartments. he found one of the pilots on
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his back porch. >> he was in shock. still strapped to his seat. we just picked him up and dragged him to the other side of the parking lot away from the fire. >> reporter: both pilots are expected to recover. there was another in 2008 that was blamed by the poor decision on the pilot. friday's crash also involved a student. in virginia beach, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> virginia beach searched for the three people missing and will continue through the night. a maryland man will spend 35 years in prison for bombing a recruit plan prisoning,
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trying to detonate it. >> the gunman is still on the news. meghan mccorkell has the developing investigation. meghan? >> reporter: it was a shootout in the middle of the afternoon when a police officer encountered a gunman unleashing a hail of bullets. now police are searching for the gunmen. it's a scene witnesses are describing as a mad house. >> boom boom boom. >> reporter: a gunman standing near drew hill avenue opened fire on two men by the sidewalk. a police officer just around the corner hears the gunshot and rushes to the scene. >> those patrol officers were in uniform. he confronted the suspect. >> reporter: the officer fired on the suspect but got away in a silver car. they captured the cell phone video just moments after the
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shootout. police swarming the area. two gunmen shot. witnesses say one of the shooting victims went to this gas station parking lot where he collapsed. the chopper went over the scene as paramedics went to work on the man. the other victim fell on the sidewalk. >> i saw one gentleman on the ground and there was a police officer tending to it. >> reporter: both men in hospital. now, there's a man hunt on for the shooter and the getaway driver. >> if you have any information on the suspects, contact the police. >> reporter: the neighborhood will clean up from this terrifying ordeal now, police say it's not the getaway car. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> we're still trying to get more information about the two shooting victims. the first of three mega million jackpot winners is
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coming forward, but not the mysterious in maryland. >> now the news we're waiting for. we have the winner. >> the winner is in kansas and wants to remain anonymous. they will take their share of the record jackpot. the maryland lottery said still no winner here despite a week's worth of rumors. the city is trying to find out who would do such a think. they found the dead bird with this knife still stuck in its back. police are hoping someone will recognize the weapon and turn in the owner. the duck was found and was one of four domesticated ducks at the recreation complex in crossburg. just in time. gas prices hit a painful $4 a gallon in maryland.
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found the high cost of fuel is forcing many to change their plans. wjz is live. andrea fujii explains why. >> reporter: maryland is five cents away from hitting the state's all-time high and there won't be any relief soon. despite maryland's gas prices at $4 a gallon, marylanders are driving to their destinations. but new jersey is ground bags at a rough stop on their way to virginia. >> it's about 55 now and used to cost us maybe 30 to fill up. so it's getting harder to keep up with it. >> reporter: another new jersey native took a smaller car on his trip to north carolina to save gas. >> just under four bucks in new jersey. pretty expensive, actually. but you got to go, you got to go. >> reporter: the national
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average is $3.93. $4 in maryland on thursday and a year ago, it was $3.69. >> this is the time we typically see them creep up, but they've been creeping up all year. so this is atypical. >> reporter: refineries switch to finer fuel blends, and for drivers, that's harder news to accept. >> it's ridiculous how much it costs now. >> it's ridiculous to have diesel. it's killing me. >> reporter: now, east coast prices are a bit higher than the rest of the country right now because of the threat of two northeast oil refineries possibly shutting down. reporting live in north baltimore, andrea fujii with wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, andrea. to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, go to and then click on this story. another headache on the road next friday is starting. jones expressway near 29th street will be shut down for
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emergency repairs. our immediate department said the northbound south end closures by one-third and the work took take a week to a man. the jewish community celebrated the holy day, as good friday and passover fell on the same day. they took part in the leaven bread. christians attend services to mark the crucifix of christ, ahead of easter. the holy days fall on the day it goes to baltimore. the 20th anniversary at the ballpark that had great baseball, weather, and food. jessica kartalija was there to see it all. >> reporter: camden yards comes
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alive. the boys of summer are back in baltimore playing in front of a sold-out crowd. >> it's always wonderful when you have bounds of people here loving it as much as you hope they would. the orioles couldn't be happier. >> opening day in baltimore. we've got a great ball club, a great ballpark, a great improvement. can't beat it with the giants. >> reporter: in celebration of camden yards 20th anniversary in the city, it's above the field. before even throwing the pitch, a little boy stole the show. >> connor from maryland. >> reporter: a new flag has a better view of the game and a new picnic area designed to enhance the experience. >> i don't go to games often, but when i do, i like to see a win. >> i'm excited. i hope the orioles continue to
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win. >> reporter: whether you're a fair weather fan or orioles fan, they're just pumped the orioles won their home opener. in baltimore, i'm jessica kartalija for wjz eyewitness news. >> and mark will have highlights from the today's big wins in sports. >> jessica always travels with her own band. must be nice. >> [ laughter ] smooth moves got him arrested in texas. >> one department said he didn't even had a chance to defend himself. >> reporter: real life hangover. a man is visiting in downtown baltimore. beaten and robbed and doesn't remember how it happened until a video surfaced. how it's now leading to criminal charges. >> will the weather continue to cooperate over the weekend? i'm in for bob turk and i'll
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have the forecast for you in just a few minutes. complete coverage continues with adam may and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports with stan saunders. it's wjz, maryland's news station. ,,,,,,,,,,
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crane when their vessel tipped over. the three workers were not injured. they were saved by the same man with the miracle on the hudson plane crash. responded to a call about a man in a wal-mart. jamie at point-blank range. as soon as the officer arrived at the store, two wal-mart employees tackled the suspect another another officer arrived. brandon daniel is being held on charges. josh powell. scott said he told him a mine shaft would be the best place to dispose of a body. it took place a year before susan went missing and the utah death. josh was never arrested with connection of his wife's disappearance. he hacked his own two sons to
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death and burned in a fire. two abandoned mine shafts. the tourists in downtown baltimore on camera. the disturbing video shows no one helping him. the police investigation and what people are saying about the incident. >> reporter: the video shows a man being punched in the face in downtown baltimore. you can hear his head hit the pavement. instead of helping people laugh, and then the crowd strips him naked and takes his car keys, money, and iphone. fitzpatrick said he was out partying and woke up the next day at his hotel cut and bruised and no idea why. >> he had every right to get back where he wanted to be safely. that behavior was just criminal. not only relieved of his property after assaulted, but other things that were done to him that were just disturbing to look at and we want to bring
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these people to justice. >> oh my god. and knock him to the ground. where is the police? >> this other guy goes and punches him in the face. >> reporter: the people who've seen the video are outraged. >> people in baltimore don't want to trust to come down here. >> it's surprising, and dangerous. >> it's awful, obviously. you can't be wandering on the streets on those days. >> reporter: the police have made no arrests. >> the public has been helpful so far. >> reporter: the unwittingly provided cops and prosecutors with the key evidence in this vicious attack. the victim didn't even know about the video until a relative watched it online. reporting from courthouse east, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> after the attack, people bragged about it on camera. tens of thousands of people have seen the video online.
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firefighters in georgia's county had the wayworth goats. they had to shut down traffic as the goats kept eluding them. eventually, the pygmy goats were taken. the firefighter is taking care of them as they wait for the owners to come forward. police in galveston, texas, arrested the so-called dancing burglar. this surveillance video shows him busting a move at the scene of a robbery. students at the local high school identified the teenager and taken into custody at the home. police had a sense of humor about the incident. >> we saw his moves and his swag. we knew we were dealing with a smooth criminal. i pulled him out to the living room and looked at the suspect. the signature dance move, the
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mother said, what's that? he said, that's my swag, mama. >> hopefully he'll keep the signature moves on the dance floor. >> he's saying, oh, yeah, i got it. i got it. >> bet he's not singing it tonight. the least sense of humor about it. have a sense of humor about being locked up. we had a nice forecast. folks dancing and celebrating after the orioles win. gorgeous day. pretty much the same type of forecast into the weekend. right now, we're coming down from a daytime high of around 61 degrees and we did average pretty much -- we topped out right at our average for this type of year. 61, the low for this target, in the north and west suburbs, we've seen the temperatures temperatures plummet over the next few days. there's some warnings. 16 is the dew point. air is very dry, in itself, is
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very good and comfortable for us as far as our forecast is concerned, but it does present some problems. i'll show you that here in just a second as well. north wind blowing across the state. depressing the temperatures a little bit. 35 on the shore. 54 down in d.c. 45 in westminster, 52 in columbia, 50 in rock hall. 56 in annapolis. over the last two nights and tonight included, we're going to be dealing with freeze warnings in effect. so the problems we're talking about -- the cold air will trigger these freeze warnings for all the areas in blue. cold tonight until 9:00 a.m. before the sun comes up and we start to warm up just a little bit. fire weather watch in effect. all the areas you see here, even under the blue, is a fire weather watch. the area is so dry that anything possibly could trigger
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a spark could trigger bigger problems as far as flames and fires. we'll get rain out there probably next week. we'll have the problems in play until then. warmer air moves from the southwest. chillier air stays to the north but even chilly air is seasonably cool. this is the next rainmaker over the country in the mid atlantic and monday, tuesday, into wednesday. high temperatures into play, a lot of the moisture is coming. not a lot of rain, but definitely some by midweek. small advisory in effect. 36 degrees tonight. breezy and chilly. otherwise clear. 65 tomorrow, 67 near easter sunday. 56 with a chance of showers. denise koch and vick? >> thank you, tim.
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all right. all in all, a great day in baltimore. >> always better when they win, right? and they certainly did that. opening day can open the door to good feelings and optimism about the long season ahead, and with a sellout crowd of about 47,000 fans at the crowd, orioles took center attention and took a win over the minnesota twins. always a gala event. dick told me there's nothing like an opening day. mark is up to bat. runner on and between carlos, a rare opposite field homer. first of two hits for him. he drove his three runs in the game and on the mound. first opening day start for jay
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arrieta. striking out four in the process, a 4-2 victim for the o's. they know the importance of delivering a win on a day so big for their fans. >> in front of a great crowd. a lot of exciting fans for a new season. i think that was important to come out and set the tone the way we did, packed house. we know what our fans are about. we'd like to see more this year and hopefully continue to do what we're capable of doing. >> this group of guys talks about it. they know what this fan base is like. it's up to us to tap deeper into it. >> hasn't designated a opener. called the finish in the final. looked like jim johnson is the closer.
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round two of golf. we'll find an old dog up to new tricks. 52 couples on the seniors tour. tied for the lead with jason definer. shocking described the terrible play of tiger woods. considered a favorite at the masters, but a disaster. 3 over par. left him frustrated and in 40th place. eight shots off the pace. round three on wjz here tomorrow. coverage will come your way at 3:30. don't count tiger out. we'll see if he can rally. >> thank you very much, mark. speaking of the masters, the dog. >> we'll see what ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the dog is supposed to be man's best friend until he eats for them at the masters tournament. that's what russ sierra did. he waited out his pet's digestive system. they gave russ four brand new tickets. >> i'd throw those ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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next tonight is bill murray. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. for wjz news station, hope you have a great gh


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